Stop by Thursday or Friday 10-5 for your free sample (while supplies last.)  Do I really want to use a face oil in the middle of summer?!  Yes!  When applied correctly a facial oil like Oma No. 1 is light and refreshing.  Formulated for even the most sensitive and oily skin this oil works on all skin types and will actually purify and balance your skin during hot and humid weather.  Don’t believe it?  Pick up your free sample today.

We recommend applying in this fashion.  Saturate your skin with a generous mist of toner (or apply while your skin is still damp from cleansing or splashing with water.)  place a few drops of Oma No. 1 on your fingertips.  Rub your all your fingers together vigorously to warm up the product.  Press and hold your fingers against your moist skin all over your face, neck and chest – remember to give your earlobes a nice little massage as well.   Voila – perfect and never greasy.