The goal of Chinese Tonic Herbalism is to achieve Radiant Health, Health Beyond Danger


  • Alleviation of symptoms and complaints
  • Glowing health, happiness, wisdom and physical vitality
  • Living with abundant energy while feeling relaxed and at peace
  • Experiencing youthfulness, a strengthened immune system, and improved cardiovascular health
  • Living with a general feeling of empowerment, vitality, emotional balance, mental acuity, clear intuition, compassion, and resistance to disease and stress
dana with herbs med
Dana studied Chinese Herbalism at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and she now studies Tonic Herbalism.  She has completed over 64 hours of  training in person with Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs.

We have a fully stocked Medicinal and Tonic Herbal Pharmacy

Dana’s extensive herbal knowledge is available to you.   Herbal consultations with Dana at Balance Beauty and Health are free of charge at our Eugene location and via phone or video chat anywhere in the world.  We ship products daily.

Check our blog page for articles on Chinese Tonic Herbs.

Coming Soon – free workshops on Chinese Herbs at our Eugene location.

Our herbs are the cleanest and highest quality herbs available.
1293 Lincoln St, Eugene, OR 97401.    541-393-6637.

Dana with Ron Teeguarden at Dragon Herbs

Dana with Ron Teeguarden at Dragon Herbs

Maybe your knee hurts, and so you don’t exercise, and then you gain weight, and your blood pressure rises.  One thing leads to another.  Chinese Tonic Herbs can transform these cycles – so that one positive things leads to another, and the benefits continue exponentially from there.  The power of this truly has the ability to change lives.

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Great selection of herbs, expert advice!

Andrew, Eugene, OR

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